What is Portico?

Portico is a curated product library that provides high-quality, actionable information about the transparency and healthfulness of building products. Project teams request, research, and select healthier materials that will support their values of human and environmental health. Portico relies on robust and transparent product information provided by industry-leading manufacturers. Portico builds the critical mass needed for transforming the marketplace with products optimized for human health.

Portico includes a community of thought leaders and innovators - property owners, architects, designers, construction firms, researchers, and product manufacturers - united by the vision that we can create a healthier world by minimizing or eliminating toxic chemicals found in building products. By working together, we have created a platform that efficiently connects supply with demand.

Healthier products equal healthier people.

The spaces in which we work, live, or play have an enormous impact on our health and productivity. What we put in our buildings matters. It matters for our health. It matters for the people and places throughout the manufacturing supply chain. And it matters for the health of the planet.

Unfortunately, there are chemicals of concern in everyday building products and materials. Researchers and scientists have clearly linked exposure to these toxic chemicals to harmful human health impacts, yet, the vast majority of these chemicals are unregulated by the federal government.

The best way to promote health is to significantly reduce toxic chemical use, especially those chemicals of concern deemed unnecessary, and instead, develop affordable green chemistry solutions that also support a successful circular economy.

The Healthier Materials Movement is for the innovators blazing a new trail. We pledge to work together as socially responsible businesses and organizations to address this growing public health threat. We commit to taking steps to significantly reduce toxic chemical use through our manufacturing and purchasing decisions. Together, we can create a future that enhances the well-being of people and the planet, and do so in an economically viable way.

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Photo: Mithun