Who Uses Portico?

Healthy Building Network created Portico in partnership with Google Real Estate and Workplace Services (REWS). Our founding partner base has grown to six organizations, representing multiple industry sectors and more than 100 million square feet of combined real estate. We are currently testing Portico with Google (REWS), Perkins + Will, Harvard, Georgia Tech, The Durst Organization, and MSR Design.

While the platform is currently closed to new tenant users, forward-thinking, socially responsible manufacturers are encouraged to join. In addition to advancing human and environmental health, participation offers practical business benefits, including:

  • Reduced reporting burdens. Reach all platform partners with a single information request response.
  • Amplified transparency. Share product data between Portico and the Health Product Declaration Collaborative.
  • Aligning with the market. Reinforce industry standards in material health disclosure. 
  • Focused resources. Streamline the process of responding to requests about your product lines.
  • Joining the conversation. Collaborate with commercial purchasers to address shared product goals.

Portico is for the innovators blazing a new trail. Together, we can create a future that enhances the health of people and the planet, and meet rapidly growing consumer demand at the same time.


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Photo: Mithun