How can I join my company's account?

If you have received an invitation to join Portico by a fellow project team member, by a company team member, or through an information request, you may already have a suggested company affiliation associated with your account.

If you are a manufacturer coming to Portico for the first time and haven't received an information request, when you first complete your registration, you will have the option to set your primary company.


All requested company affiliations must be vetted and approved to ensure the security of manufacturer data. If you are requesting access to a company that already has a company administrator registered, they will be notified of your request and can approve or deny your request. If you are requesting access to a new company, or one that does not yet have users registered, your request will come to the Portico support team for approval. We highly recommend registering with your company email address, and not a personal email address, as this can serve as evidence that you represent the company in question.

If you are requesting a company that is entirely new to Portico, you may see related company suggestions before confirming your company name. This is an effort to prevent creation of duplicate companies in our product library. If you see an entry that looks like your company, but might be spelled or punctuated incorrectly, we advise requesting access to this company anyway, as you will have the opportunity to correct the company name spelling once you are approved. If there is no matching company entry, you will be prompted to enter it as a new company. We recommend providing as much information as possible in the company profile, especially the website and company description, as this helps project teams and our support team properly identify your company and its products. All new company requests will come to the Portico support team for approval, and we make an effort to respond to all such requests within 48 hours. 

If you are requesting access to a company that already has an account in Portico, you may see a message that your company membership is pending approval from your company administrator. Often, the company administrator is, by default, the first person to register for your company. If your company affiliation remains pending for a significant amount of time, and you are not sure who from your company has already registered with Portico, please contact support and we can provide the appropriate contact for followup.

If you are affiliated with more than one company, you can add a new affiliation by going to the "My Profile" link under your avatar in the upper right navigation, then clicking to "Add a New Company Affiliation" on the right hand side.

Your manufacturer dashboard will only show products, team members, etc associated with one company at a time. To switch between company dashboards, click the "change" link next to the "[Your Company Name] Dashboard" heading in the upper left corner and select the desired company from the dropdown menu.

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