Getting Started

Welcome to Portico! Portico is a curated product library that provides high-quality, actionable information about the transparency and healthfulness of building products. Project teams request, research, and select healthier materials that will support their values of human and environmental health. Portico relies on robust and transparent product information provided by industry-leading manufacturers. Portico builds the critical mass needed for transforming the marketplace with products optimized for human health.

What are the benefits to manufacturers?

  • Reduced reporting burdens. Reach all platform partners with a single information request response.
  • Amplified transparency. Share product data between Portico and the Health Product Declaration Collaborative.
  • Aligning with the market. Reinforce industry standards in material health disclosure. 
  • Focused resources. Streamline the process of responding to requests about your product lines.
  • Joining the conversation. Collaborate with commercial purchasers to address shared product goals.


Product submissions in Portico focus on product information that is most of interest for human health and environmental impacts, including especially:

  • Full Content Inventory to enable projects to understand potential hazards in the production and use of this product
  • Certifications and Standards related to health and environmental impacts, such as VOC emissions or content, recycled content, or multi-attribute certifications such as Cradle2Cradle
  • Volatile Organic Compounds content and emissions data for relevant product categories, to enable projects to understand potential indoor air quality impacts


If you have received an information request from a Portico project team, you may wish to consider the following questions before entering data on products:

  • Is my company committed to providing the information above to interested design projects? Portico participation is most effective when the company is committed to transparency at a leadership level. If your company has a sustainability director or similar position, it may be best to engage them in the process, so that Portico submissions can be harmonized with other health and transparency efforts. If your company is already a member of the Health Product Declaration Collaborative, Portico allows you to link to your HPD Builder account for ease of data sharing.
  • Am I the right person at my company to provide this information, and do I have access to the information needed for disclosure? Often an information request will be sent to a known contact such as a sales representative, but the representative may not have access to all of the information required in a Portico submission beyond what's in the standard product literature. You may need to engage a technical specialist at your company to complete the content inventory, for example. Portico allows company administrators to manage their teams with various levels of permissions, so that you can engage the right people at the right time to collaborate on product submissions.
  • How do I want my company's products organized and presented to project teams in the Portico library? Project teams will request information for products that are of special interest to their projects, but the naming of products might not be consistent in these requests, or you may receive requests for two different product names that are really the same product. Portico allows manufacturers to manage their product lists so that product names and numbers can be clarified, duplicates can be merged, incorrect company assignments can be reassigned, and older products can be archived.


For full, step-by-step guidance to Portico, download our Portico Manufacturer's Guide.

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