How do I manage my product list?

Portico allows manufacturers to manage their product lists in Portico in a number of ways. While some products on your list may be added or requested by a project team, you have the ability to make corrections and clarifications. Some of these options can be done directly through your dashboard, such as editing product names and archiving older products, while others, such as merging duplicates or reassigning a product to a different company, can be done in collaboration with the Portico support team in order to prevent unintentional data loss.

When first responding to an information request, you may see a prompt to confirm the product listing before continuing with data entry:

This is an initial opportunity to identify a few possible corrections: duplicate listings, which are then flagged for the support team to review and merge; discontinued products, which are then archived; and incorrect product listings, which are flagged for the support team to review and either reassign to the proper company or remove. This prompt is only shown the first time you click on the product name, and is not shown again after the initial response.

Such issues can also be flagged later on by clicking the "Report Issue" button on the full product profile.

If you product list includes the same product more than once, for example under different spelling variations or sizes, you can request that they be merged by reporting the duplicate either as part of the initial information request response (see main article above), or by clicking the "Report an issue" button on the product profile.

In such cases, we highly recommend requesting a merge as opposed to archiving the product, as this merge signals to project teams that the product they are requesting is already available in the library. Project teams keep track of products through product lists and information requests. When one product is merged into another, these lists and information requests become reassigned automatically. The name and data record of the primary product record is kept, and not overwritten.

The ability to delete a product is only enabled for those products that are not already in use by a project, for example in a product list or information request. Where available, you will see a button on the righthand side of the product profile to delete the product from the library. As an alternative for those products in use by projects, you may archive the product to indicate that it is not an active record.

Before removing or archiving a product, you may wish to consider the following questions:

  • Is the product a duplicate of another on my list? If so, please instead follow the instructions above to request that the product record be merged.
  • Is the product mistakenly associated with my company? If so, please instead report it via the information request response or issue reporting described above, so that our support team may review it for possible reassignment to another company.

Additionally, you may also wish to get in touch directly with the user who issued the information request, to let them know that the product has been discontinued or is incorrect. You can find their contact email on the cc or reply-to field of the original request email, or by visiting the Information Requests tab on your dashboard.

Yes! Often project teams will request information only on the items they are most interested in or most familiar with, but you may wish to present a more complete product line to Portico teams, or suggest alternative products that may meet their needs. We encourage manufacturers to be proactive in adding new products to the Portico library. This has the advantage of getting ahead of the project needs, so that they have the product information as soon as they need it, and it enables you to have greater control over the naming and organization of your product listings.

To add a new product, click the "Add a new product" button on the righthand side of the Products tab of your dashboard. If you do not see this button, you may have limited permissions for your company, and you may wish to get in touch with your company administrator to request permission to add new products.

For some product types, there may be tens or even hundreds of products that are essentially similar in formulation with slight variations. We understand that it may be cumbersome to list each variation as a separate product record. We encourage manufacturers to follow the guidance of the Health Product Declaration Standard for such product records.

The advice of the current (v2.1.1) HPD Standard states, under section 3.1 "Listing Multiple Products in a Single HPD":

"A range, series, or category of products may be grouped together in a single HPD if all of the following apply:

  • the products are functionally similar,
  • all of the information provided in HPD Format Section 3: Certifications and Compliance [See 2.3] applies to all products included,
  • each of the products has identical content OR the content differences between the products account for 10% or less of the total mass of each product.

All contents present in any of the products at or above the selected Threshold(s) must be included in the Content Inventory. All variances between the grouped products must be explained in the Other Material or Product Notes [See] and/or Substance Notes [See], if possible, or in HPD Format Section 5: General Notes [See 2.5]."

See the full HPD Standard for additional guidance on handling variations in the data entry sections.

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