How do I manage my team?

Portico allows manufacturers to manage teams so that the right people have the right access to view and edit your product records. All team management is done by the company administrator(s). By default, the company administrator is designated as the first contact to register for the company, but they have the ability to invite additional users to be company administrators as well. If you do not see the ability to edit your team members, it is probably because you are not an admin of your company account. If you feel this is incorrect, please contact support.

Company administrators can add new users to their team by visiting the Team tab of their dashboard and clicking the "Add a User" button on the righthand side. You will have the ability to enter the user's email address and job title, as well as set their role and permissions for the company. The user will then receive an invitation to register and join your company account.

Company team members can be either admins, members, or third party members. Admins have the ability to view and edit all products, as well as add and edit team members and edit the company profile. Members and Third Party members can have various product permissions as described below. Members can view (but not edit) their team members, whereas Third Party members cannot view the full team.

For Members and Third Party members, they may be given the ability to view all products, to view and edit all products, or to only view and edit specific products. For the latter option, you will be able to select "view and edit," "view," or "none" for each product (with "none" being the default for any new products added to your company list). You can also designate whether or not members have the ability to add new products to the list.

Please note that a user may belong to more than one company account, for example if you engage a third party consultant that works with multiple manufacturers.

When a new user requests access to your company, you as the company administrator will receive an email notification of their request. By default, they will not yet have a role or product permissions set but will show in your team list as "Pending." From the Team tab of your dashboard, you can click the edit button (pencil icon) next to their name to change their role from pending to either Admin, Member, or Third Party member, and set additional permissions accordingly. If the request is from someone who is not a member of your company, and you don't think they should have access, you can remove them from your team list by clicking the delete button (trash icon) next to their name.

When a company first receives an information request, it will come to whatever contact information the project team has for the company. If that contact information is not the appropriate contact, the company administrator has the ability to designate one or more information request contacts. This signals to the project teams that these contacts should be used for future information requests, and it pre-populates the "send-to" field of the information request form with these contacts. To designate a team member as an information request contact, click the edit button (pencil icon) next to their name on your team list and select "yes" under the information request contact question.

Please note that project teams may still suggest additional contacts or send the information request to additional folks that they may be in contact with at your company. As with a new user request, these additional new contacts will not have access to view or edit your product records unless and until they are approved by a company administrator.

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