What data is required for my products?

Disclosure is a cornerstone of the Portico system. Portico data entry is designed to align with the industry-supported Health Product Declaration format, with some additional data sections of interest to Portico partners. Ideally manufacturers should enter as much information as possible, but at a minimum the following sections need to be completed:

  • General Information, including the product website and description, and at least one CSI MasterFormat classification

  • Content Inventory, with a 1,000ppm minimum disclosure threshold required by most projects and 100ppm preferred

  • Volatile Organic Compounds, including VOC content data for wet-applied products and VOC emissions certifications where applicable

We also highly recommend including any health and environmental certifications and standards under the Certifications and Compliance section. For full requirements to comply with the Health Product Declaration format, see the HPD Standard. For additional step-by-step guidance with data entry, see the Portico Manufacturer's Guide.

Once the data set is completed, manufacturers can submit their product data for their product profile to become visible to project teams. Additional or updated data can be provided at any time and resubmitted. 


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