What is an HPD?

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) is an open standard format for reporting product contents and associated health information for products used in the built environment. It is maintained by the HPD Collaborative, a member organization of architects, designers, building owners, manufacturers, consultants, tool developers, and others.

Portico's data format is modeled after and aligned with the HPD Standard format. All core sections of a product profile, including the Content Inventory, Certifications and Compliance, Accessories, General Notes, and References, are drawn from this standard, with a few additional data sections and questions added for convenience of information sharing to Portico partners. Where feasible and relevant, we have quoted from the current HPD Standard in the context of tooltips throughout the product profile to facilitate data entry.

This format also forms the basis for earning points in Portico's scoring protocol, which is aligned with how this format and others contribute to material health credits in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building rating system.

Portico's alignment with the HPD allows for ease of data sharing between Portico and the HPD Builder on the part of the manufacturer (see details below).

For more information about the HPD, including standard documentation, membership information, tutorials, and support, please visit the Health Product Declaration Collaborative website.

Company administrators for companies who have accounts in both Portico and the HPD Builder are highly encouraged to connect these two accounts via our Application Program Interface (API). This is done via a two-step process, which only needs to be completed once:

  1. From your HPD Builder dashboard, click on the button to "Generate a new token" under the "API Access Tokens" panel in the lower right corner. Enter "Portico" as the service name to generate a token for use with Portico. 
  2. From your Portico dashboard, click the "Add an API Token" button on the Company Profile tab. Copy and paste the token string generated from the HPD Builder into this form and submit it. Your accounts are now enabled to transfer data between them, which can be done at the product level.

For further guidance on importing and exporting product data between Portico and the HPD Builder, see "Can I import product data from the HPD Builder?" and "Can I publish my HPD through Portico?"

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Photo: Mithun