How do I enter my MasterFormat classification?

MasterFormat is a classification system published by CSI that is used by many building projects to develop specifications, with "a master list of numbers and titles classified by work results."

These numbers and titles are arranged in a hierarchy and include many types of building products. We encourage manufacturers to include the most specific classification(s) available for their product. For example, a cork flooring product may fall under:

  • 09 60 00 Flooring
    • 09 62 00 Specialty Flooring
      • 09 62 29 Cork Flooring

In this example, it is best to enter 09 62 29 Cork Flooring as the classification for the product, so that a project team may use that classification or any of those in the hierarchy above to find the product in the product library.

A complete list of MasterFormat Numbers and Titles is downloadable for free at the CSI store, with the full specification available for purchase.

MasterFormat numbers and titles are updated every two years, with the latest update in June 2018. We are currently in the process of updating the available classifications, however, in the meantime, new classifications can be requested by contacting support. Please make sure that the classification requested is listed in the official CSI list of numbers and titles, as user-defined numbers and titles are not supported.

In Portico, MasterFormat is used as the primary classification system, and these are the only type listed in the Classifications section of a product profile. However, additional classifications may be identified in the product description under General Information.

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