How do I enter new product certifications?

We encourage manufacturers to enter product certification information, as we as testing for standards compliance, under the Certifications and Compliance section of the product profile. This section is concerned only with those certifications and standards that relate to health and environmental impact. These include especially certifications and standard related to VOC emissions and VOC content, as well as others such as recycled content or biobased content, and some multi-attribute certifications such as Cradle2Cradle. Other types of certifications and standards compliance are not included at this time.

When entering a product certification, you can search for available options by beginning to type in the name of the certification, as in the example screenshot below, and selecting one of the options that appears:

If you do not see your certification available, it may not yet be entered in our certifications library. To request a new health or environmental certification or standard, please contact support, and include a sample document in your request.

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Photo: Mithun