What is nested vs basic content inventory?

As part of its harmonization with the Health Product Declaration, Portico now enables two types of content inventory reporting: Nested Materials Inventory and Basic Inventory. With a Nested Materials Inventory, a building product's contents are divided into separate materials, with individual substances listed under those materials. For example, a carpet may list fiber, backing, and stain treatment as three separate materials, with the substances for each (nylon, etc) nested under those materials. In a Basic Inventory, all substances are listed in one list, without being grouped into materials. Nested Materials Inventories may set a disclosure threshold at the product level or at the material level, for example if a supplier's material is disclosed at a different threshold than others in the product. For further guidance on types of content inventories, please see the HPDC Support Portal.

Portico does not currently allow for users to switch back and forth between inventory types, however this is under consideration for development. In the meantime, we strongly recommend being certain of the inventory type before making a selection, and if you find that you have made the wrong choice, please contact support and we may be able to facilitate a one-time switch.

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