One of my product contents isn't in the Chemical and Material Library. What should I do?

Content inventories in Portico are supported by the Pharos Chemical and Material Library (CML). When entering a substance into the Content Inventory section of the product record, the CML is searched for matching names, CAS registration numbers, and synonyms. If the CAS RN of a substance is known, it is recommended to search using this number for the best search results. The CML also includes biobased materials and some materials that do not have CAS numbers but are common to the building material industry. If a CAS RN or unregistered substance is unavailable in the search results, we recommend requesting it using our chemical addition request form, and it will be queued for review by the Pharos CML administrators. An unrecognized substance may still be entered as such, however it is recommended to update this entry once it has been added to the CML, so that it can be screened for hazard.

Unrecognized substances that are not identified by a CAS registration number cannot be screened for hazard by the Pharos Chemical and Material Library (CML). Portico scoring currently requires that all substances be screened for most scoring tiers, with the exception of the base scoring level for HPD reporting, which allows for up to 10% of the content inventory to be unscreened.

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