Some of our contents are proprietary. What should I do?

Many manufacturers encounter issues with a portion of their content inventory being proprietary, and not wanting to display the full identities of substances, or not being able to disclose identities of substances used by their suppliers. Portico product records are aligned with the Health Product Declaration format, and as such they allow for substances to be "masked" in the product display. To use this option, when entering a substance, you can check the box labeled "Do not disclose the name of this substance on the HPD."

Some manufacturers also choose to engage the help of a third party consultant to complete the data entry products, if for example a supplier is willing to disclose contents to the third party but not to the manufacturer.

Portico was built by partners that hold transparency as a core value. The firms that use Portico do not enter into non-disclosure agreements, and encourage manufacturers to fully disclose the content of their products. Where full disclosure is not possible, we still recommend entering as much information as you can.

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Photo: Mithun