Can I import product data from the HPD Builder?

Portico and the HPD Builder have enabled a tightly controlled API connection that allows data sharing between these platforms. All data sharing is controlled by the manufacturer as the owner of the product data, and as such the manufacturer can choose whether and when to import data from the HPD Builder to each Portico product record. Importing data from the HPD Builder involves a few steps:

  • Link your Portico account to your HPD Builder account using an API token. (This only needs to be done one time by a company administrator.)
  • From your dashboard, click the name of the product, and you should now see an option to "Import Record From HPDC Builder."
  • Select the appropriate product record from the list of products in your HPD Builder account and click the link to "Import." You will now see it listed under "Imported Records," with a link to view the record in the HPD Builder.
  • Click the button to "Use As Portico Record." If this product already has a record with the up-to-date format version (e.g. 2.1), this record will be overwritten with data from the HPD Builder. Otherwise, a new record will be created with this data. To refresh the data at any time in the future, you can click this button again.

After importing your HPD Builder record, you may find that there are still a few sections marked "Incomplete." This may be due to additional data requested by Portico partners, or it may be to facilitate transfer of a few fields that have not mapped cleanly. If you find that any data has imported incorrectly, please let us know by contacting support.

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Photo: Mithun