Can I publish my HPD through Portico?

Portico does not allow HPDs to be published directly, as all HPD publication must happen through the Health Product Declaration Collaborative. However, Portico and the HPDC have enabled an API connection which allows data to be shared easily between the two systems. Publishing an HPD after filling out a Portico product record requires a few steps:

  • Link your Portico account to your HPD Builder account using an API token. (This only needs to be done one time by a company administrator.)
  • From your HPD Builder account dashboard, click the name of the product you wish to import. (If the product is not yet listed, you will first need to add it as a new product.) At the bottom of the product page listing active records, there should now be a panel labeled "Import Portico Records." Click the button to "Import a Portico Record."
  • From the list of available Portico records, select which one you would like to import and click the link to import it. You will now see the record listed under the Portico Records section.
  • Click the link to "Use This Portico Record As HPD 2.1 Record." You can now check completeness and publish the record through the HPD Builder as with any other HPD Builder record.

For further support or to report any issues with the import process, please contact the HPDC Support Portal.

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Photo: Mithun