Getting Started

Welcome to Portico! Portico is a curated product library that provides high-quality, actionable information about the transparency and healthfulness of building products. Project teams request, research, and select healthier materials that will support their values of human and environmental health. Portico relies on robust and transparent product information provided by industry-leading manufacturers. Portico builds the critical mass needed for transforming the marketplace with products optimized for human health.

Portico is currently available to a select group of Early Access Program Partners. These partners are collaborating on coordinated outreach to manufacturers, encouraging market transformation. If you are not a member of one of our EAP Partners but are interested in Portico, please see "How can I get a Portico account?" for more information on registering your interest.

Portico allows project teams to:

  • Browse a library of thousands of products with data submitted by manufacturers, including detailed content inventory and health hazard information, product certifications, VOCs, and more aligned with the Health Product Declaration standard format
  • Evaluate and compare products based on levels of disclosure, hazard, and transparency, as well as meeting criteria for specific industry standards
  • Organize product research into projects, with collaborative teams, grouping products into lists and selecting those that meet project criteria for procurement carts
  • Add new products to the product library and issue Information Requests to contribute to a growing chorus of architects, designers, building owners, and more driving transparency in the building materials industry

Portico focuses on what it does best: engaging a community of thought leaders and innovators in a collaborative resource for transparency on environmental and health information for building products, and encouraging market transformation toward healthier materials in the industry.

Portico does not support the following functions:

  • Private product data from outside sources - All product data in Portico is submitted by the manufacturer or their designees. Portico partners cannot keep private repositories of product data in Portico, as this can lead to discrepancies in quality of data, unsanctioned sharing of private manufacturer data, and disincentives for transparency efforts.
  • Customized project management - Portico provides project functionality that supports tracking of products through product lists and information requests. It is meant to complement, not replace, other project management tools for your design projects.

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