How do I manage my project team?

Project teams are managed by the project administrator(s) and allow for a range of access. All project team members can browse the Portico product library and view product profiles for those products that have data submitted and shared by the manufacturer.

New users can be invited to a project team via the "Team" tab of a project profile. Adding a team member in this way invites them to the partner account for the project as well as the project itself. If they are already registered in Portico, they will receive a notification that they now have access to this project. If they are not already registered in Portico, they will receive an invitation to register.

New users added to a team can be designated as admins or members. Project admins automatically have access to view and edit all lists and carts, approve or deny exception requests, and manage their team. Project members can be granted the following permissions selectively:

  • List permissions (View and Edit All, View All, or Selective Lists Only)
  • Can View/Edit Procurement Carts (Yes/No)
  • Can View Team (Yes/No)
  • Can Approve Exception Requests (Yes/No)

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