How do I add a new product to the product library?

Portico's product library is curated collaboratively: project teams request new products, manufacturers edit those products and may add new ones, and Portico support staff assist with any corrections needed. To keep the product library robust, we encourage responsible stewardship when contributing to the product library through new product and manufacturer additions. Project team members can request a new product at any time through the product library homepage ("Add a Product" button), or from a manufacturer's profile ("Products" tab).

The following sequence is recommended to ensure that the product is a unique addition before adding it to the Portico library:

  1. Search for the product name (including known variations) via the product library homepage or your dashboard.
  2. Search for the manufacturer name (including known variations or abbreviations) either via the product library search filters or via the Manufacturers search, to check their existing product list for other possible matches. For example, you may find that the manufacturer has preferred to organize their Portico product listings by a product line or collection, rather than listing individual styles, sizes, or colors.
  3. If the manufacturer is not yet listed in Portico, first add the manufacturer via the Manufacturers page, including as much detail as you have available (e.g. description and website).
  4. If the product is not yet listed in Portico, add the product either from the manufacturer profile or the product library page.
  5. Send an information request for the newly added product, to let the manufacturer know that it has been added and encourage them to complete data entry.

If you encounter any existing issues while searching for a product or manufacturer, such as misspellings, duplicates, or products assigned to the wrong company, please report them to our support team via the "Report an Issue" button on any product or manufacturer profile, so that we can help with any corrections.

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Photo: Mithun